Amateur World Cup Logo

An interpretation of 2010 Football World Cup by hamansutra and StudioSeidel.

It's a fine line between winning and losing. As uplifting as the triumph can be, the pain of defeat is abasing, yet attractive. The balance of power is established in the blink of an eye. Carrying the burden of a lifetime while chances are few. Yet one will take it in the end – the one that fights, controls, dominates, possesses. But at present everything is still open - open-ended and open for all to see. Images to outlive the protagonists and to keep records of the fashion of the times. Welcome to the Amateur World Cup!



Teheran-born hamansutra is a multicultural, multidirectional fashion creator who now lives and works in New York after studying at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London, and building up a reputation as a fashion maverick in Hamburg, London and Munich. Under his own hamansutra label, he has worked with customers as diverse as Microsoft, Porsche, Vertu, Nike and Audi, created award-winning costumes for music and advertising videos, appeared on China’s biggest TV entertainment show in a bid to tailor a jacket in 20 minutes, and communicated his message of hardcore fashion throughout a host of cutting-edge media from Ping Tokyo to Trace New York. hamansutra’s multicultural background and life has stamped his cross-disciplinary approach. Familiar from an early stage with the unique qualities of contrasting cultures yet unfettered by allegiance to any single one of them, he translates the freedom resulting from this independence into his art and focuses on clothing as the medium to communicate his message. Provocative yet not solely political, playfully reflecting the dualities of the world around him, hamansutra’s work is groundbreaking and dynamic, powerfully conveying his aim that clothing should fuse image, function and decoration.



Munich-based Studio Seidel is a design and multimedia production operation formed by director and photographer Florian Seidel. A stable network of artists, designers, programmers and musicians develops and designs moving content with a major focus on communication solutions. A main part of their work is based on web specials, animations and moving contents. Studio Seidel developed, a self-produced web series of 11 webisodes. SPPD won the Best International Movie award at the New York International Film Festival and is now throwing off the chains of the World Wide Web for broadcasting on Australian television. The Team has developed and produced other webisodes and web specials for clients such as Levi's, Sony Ericsson, BMW Mini and BWM Classics which scooped a host of prestigious awards. Amateurworldcup is another far-reaching cooperation with hamansutra.



The GOMMA label is a music (and graphic) collective. Based in Munich and led by Jonas Imbery (aka TELONIUS) and Mathias Modica (aka MUNK). As well as the two guys the Gommagang consists of other musicians, djs, bands, graphic designers and illustrators from different countries. Gomma is part of this new little scene of labels that are crossing between club music, art and fashion. It’s a network of young heads working on similar ideas. Releasing not only new music, but also creating fashion items, starting graphic trends and creating fresh things in popculture. Gomma has achieved a worldwide reputation for creating its own new musical language–a musical style that mixes electronic production and rock instrumentation. Combining 70s DISCO and psychedelic sounds with 90s Techno, Electronica and Pop.


Production: · Director/Photographer: · Fashion: · DOP: Torsten Lippstock · Make Up/Hair: Gaby Pachmayr · Motion GFX/Making Of : Jakub Moravek · Edit/Sound Design: Teo Lingner · Dominik Falk · Additional Sound: Yann Kuhlmann · Music: · Producer: Claudette Seidel · Assistants: Andi Fessler . Fabian Fischer · Design: · Programming: · Translation: Alison Moffat